Scorpion Bay

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Scorpion Bay

Scorpion Bay is a legendary place located on the western shore of Baja California (Mexico), where the coast draws magnificent bays characterized by wild and unspoiled nature protected by the WWF.

Scorpion Bay surf clothing was born in 1987, when two Californian surfers, Mike Fischer and Rod Bradford, decided to depict on some t-shirts their way of experiencing surfing and the emotions that the Baja transmitted to them. Today, as then, Scorpion Bay tells the story, the roots, the lifestyle, the sea, the sun, the surf, the colors, the ecological and religious themes, the legends of pirates and conquistadors, the cerveza, the ethnic feeling, the "Spanglish" spirit and the suggestions of those places.

Surf clothing items convey all the values ​​dear to this land through graphics, colors and fabrics, intertwining with research and technological innovation that always guarantees a high quality product. What makes the difference between Scorpion Bay and the other brands is the history, the attachment to the roots, the respect for tradition and the passion with which we make our surf clothing, objects, graphics, settings, that is everything. what makes Scorpion Bay not just a clothing brand but a lifestyle.

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